Wheel barrow


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A wheelbarrow is a carrier, usually having only two wheels, consisting of a tray bolted to two handles and two legs. While known mostly as a device for carrying small loads for the dairy farm, household gardener, a wheelbarrow is often also used in construction and industry for carrying larger loads.

The wheelbarrow’s advantages were that loads could be lifted and carried close to the ground, as opposed to two-person handbarrows that required carrying to be done at waist level. A wheelbarrow carrying a basket of goods could be unloaded quickly and put back into action, although it was too unwieldy at this date to be emptied by simply tilting and twisting it. One person using a wheelbarrow cuts labor costs in half, and it’s easier than two people coordinating their movements as they carry a load. Wheelbarrows quickly became items crafted by carpenters to be sold to construction workers.


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