Weaner Anti Suckler

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The use of anti-suckling devices within the ablactation method of calves is appealing as a result of it facilitates a comparatively low-stress ablactation approach.
Anti-suckling devices work by preventing calves from nursing whereas permitting the calf and cow to stay along.

The most common form of anti-suckling device is a flap that attaches to the nostrils of the calf so that the calf cannot get the teat into its mouth to nurse.

These devices forestall calves from suckling however enable them to graze and drink.


  • Anti-suckling devices can be placed on calves at the same time pre-weaning vaccines are administered (approximately 2 weeks before weaning).
  • To avoid potential irritation and performance suppression, make sure no ridges are present on the part of the device that could irritate the calf’s nose.
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