Swingover Milking Parlour


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In a Milkwell Swing over Milking Parlor, there are two rows of cows, one on left and another on right. For Example, if it is 2X6, it means 12 cows are inside the parlor and 6 cows stand on the left side of the pit and another 6 cow’s stand on the right side. While one set of cows are milked on one side another set of cows is being prepared for milking, like udder washing, test preparation etc.


In this type of the parlor, the Milking equipment is never idle and the milking can be faster with less no of Milking Units. This could mean that we can reduce the initial investment without too much compromise on output. We can have less Labor. The stalling cost and the civil cost of the Parlor will be higher. Swing over Parlor can be converted into Herringbone parlor by the addition of milking types of equipment without any constructional change.

Sizes as the example: –

Sizes Milking at a time
2×3 06 cows standing and 03 cows milking
2×4 08 cows standing and 04 cows milking
2×5 10 cows standing and 05 cows milking
2×6 12 cows standing and 06 cows milking
2×8 16 cows standing and 08 cows milking
2×10 20 cows standing and 10 cows milking
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