Herringbone Milking Parlor


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Herringbone parlors are the most common perilous type, Cows stand on AN angular or fabric elevated platform in an angled or herringbone fashion facing off from away from the operator space. This exposes enough the rear 1/2 the cow to permit access to exploit milk her from the facet and space permitting for an arm type sort detacher and associated equipment instrumentality. Herringbone parlors are settled on the tip end of an oblong holding space permittied cows to enter line single file directly into either facet of the perilous. On completion of milking the cows’ exit line by walking straight ahead and out of the perilous. In most layouts, the cows build  make either a 180-degree flip a return lane back past the holding space, or a 90-degree flip and out exterior door, or across the perilous to come lane on the opposite facet.






Herringbone milking parlors type:-

  1. Pneumatic Herringbone milking parlor: Pneumatic Herringbone milking parlor is pneumatically recording the milk in manual pneumatic milk meters prepositionally and pulsated by pneumatic pulsators and which is without computer connections and records.
  2. Electronic Herringbone Milking parlor
    Electronic herringbone milking parlors are automated with electronic flow meters and milk meters and it keeps records the data in herd a management system.

Basic features of electronic milking parlor:

  1. Records the milk yield of each cow in herd management systems for years and maintain up 9999 cows data semutianally
  2. Records each cow’s milk on each station and each cows milking time and records cows every time milking yield individually
  3. Mastitis indication, if any cow comes in disease in the very initial stage it detects and identifies to milker in the pit as well as in computer software too.
  4. In Milkwell electronic milking parlor ACR is a standard feature which is Automatic cluster removal, it releases the milking clusters from teats of the cow after her milk completion.
  5. Electronically controlled pulsation to animal heats for better udder health and perfect milking ratios.

Milkwell Herringbone Milking parlors are available in various sizes according to farm herd size or milking time target of the user. Size as the example: –

Sizes Milking at a time
2×3 06 cows milking herringbone milking parlor
2×4 08 cows milking herringbone milking parlor
2×5 10 cows milking herringbone milking parlor
2×6 12 cows milking herringbone milking parlor
2×8 16 cows milking herringbone milking parlor
2×10 20 cows milking herringbone milking parlor
2×12 24 cows milking herringbone milking parlor


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