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MilkWell has been manufacturing headlocks for over 5 years and they are the number one manufacturer in India. Our Milkwell headlocks are the quietest, most durable headlock in the market. They are built with certain features in a headlock barn. Milkwell barns promote cow comfort as they are quiet and less stressful. There are also safety features built into the Milkwell headlock that keep the cow from hurting herself. The locking system is slick and simple and you will find you save a lot of time by locking them up for her health and pregnancy tests, as well

as cash because the vet, won’t be defrayal billable hours chasing once cows.

Further, Milkwell manufactures their headlocks for longevity.


Cow head locking that is easier to enter creating a quicker and more positive lockup will provide more cow comfort.

Your cows stand most of the time with headlocks while eating in this position. Milkwell fabricated head locks move with her as she feeds. Both side pivot, creating easier cow moment that means more comfort, which means more feed in a day, which will produce more milk- which means more money.

Approximate per head cost 4500/- 

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