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Being an eminent organization in the industry, we are involved in providing a premium quality range of Dairy Fans. Tests have shown that the best results are achieved when the fans are placed both above the cows on the feed line and above head-to-head free stalls. Ideally, fans are placed at a height of 2.7m. Direct downward at an angle of approx. 15-300.

The air rate and therefore the blow length of the fan verify the intermediate distance.

Usually each fan interval 12-18m


Product Details:

VENTILATION FAN MODEL MWDF1380                                                                 

Air Flow/ m3/ Hr: 44000cbm/hr

  • Modal: VENTILATION FAN MODEL MWDF1380 Air Flow/ m3/ Hr: 44000cbm/hr
  • Size : 50” (Inches)
  • Input power: 1.1Kw / 3phase
  • Rated voltage: 380 volts/50Hz
  • Fan blade diameter: 1270 mm
  • Fan blade rotational speed: 458 RPM
  • Motor Rotational speed: 1400 RPM
  • Total Pressure: 57 Pa
  • Noise: Less than or equivalent to 64 decibels
  • 20 meter Recommended intermediate distance installation (With Motor 02Hp)

Key Benefits: –

    • Stimulate feed intake
    • Reduce fly irritation (bluetongue)
    • Reduce mastitis
    • Relief heat stress

Every year, heat stress causes a drop in milk production. High temperature in combination with extreme humidity makes it difficult for cows to emit their body heat. Dealing with this requires a controllable ventilation system, in combination with sufficient air inlets, air extraction capacity and plenty of drinking water. These measures will have a significant positive effect, especially under windless conditions. The mechanical airflow promotes heat emission by the animals and reduces the risk of heat stress.

Using fans with a high air capacity, the sensing temperature can be lowered by 2 to 4 c. enough to ensure steady milk production.

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