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Cow mats area unit designed to supply all stock with a cleaner, additional healthful surroundings.
Cow mats forestall calves from obtaining hurt once they fall on the bottom within the barn.

The insulating properties of our cow mats also cut away cold and humidity from concrete floors to help safeguard animals against rheumatism and fatigue.

The specially-designed density and arduousness of our kine mats offer orthopedical support that reduces potential joint deterioration caused by standing on hard and slippery floors.
The kine mats conjointly shield concrete stables, whereas reducing close impact noises caused by the movement of animals and machinery.

Cow mats reduce the amount of bedding needed for stalls.  Less bedding means lower costs; less time spent handling, spreading, and removing bedding, and less waste to dispose of. Royal Mat dairy cow mats are easy to clean and resistant to the acid-based chemicals used to eliminate bacterially and fight infections.  The dairy cow mats also come with an Interlock design that lets you join multiple mats together to cover a large surface with no open seams.

Using cow mats in stables and barns helps give cows better and longer rest periods, which can increase the quantity of milk produced! Nowadays, installing cow mats in your stables, installs or/and in alleys, is a critical part of your farm production equipment investment.

Available sizes are:-

06 Feet x 4 feet

6.6 Feet x4 Feet

7 Feet X 5 Feet

8 Feet x 5 Feet.

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